About this blog

Text and photography by David Wünschel. Selected texts also appear in the german travel blog Reisedepeschen.


2011-2013 Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, Teaching degree for English and psychology
2013 Six months as a teacher at a German-Ghanaian school near Kumasi
2013-2014 Six months internship at www.spox.com
2014-2015 Journey round the world through Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa
2015 Four months as a volunteer in Kibbuz Yotvata
Since 2015 Studies of Online-Journalism at Hochschule Darmstadt
2015-2017 Student assistant at F.A.Z.-Plus and faz.net
2017 Internships in the newsrooms of Correctiv (two months), Rhein-Main-Zeitung (three months, local pages of the F.A.Z.) and Leben-pages of the F.A.S. (seven weeks)
Since 2017 Freelancer for F.A.Z. and F.A.S.


Published work (in German)

F.A.Z.: Auf Partnersuche
F.A.S.: Eine Frau muss er alleine finden
F.A.S.: Tour de Fraß
F.A.S.: Spielerisch am Spieltisch
F.A.S. (text and pictures): Rot, rot, rot ist alles was ich habe
F.A.S. (text and pictures): Dem Winter läuft die Uhr
F.A.Z. (text and picture): Der Klang der freien Welt
F.A.Z.: Daumen hoch für Uwe
F.A.Z.: Mindestlohn plus Nacktzuschlag
F.A.Z.: Eine Rampensau und die Schwerter der Freiheit
Globetrotter travel magazine (text and pictures): Blau auch ohne Branntwein
Crema Magazin (text and pictures): Mr. Kuna, Kaffee und Kolumbien
Rize-Magazine (text and pictures): Magie im Tal der Nabatäer
taz: Ein Leben ohne Lügen
Correctiv (text and picture): „Die letzte Festung der freien Presse“
Correctiv (text and pictures): Von Kalaschnikows und Kriegsverbrechen
Correctiv (text and pictures): Schulfrei – für immer
Metropol: Die Frankfurter Gründer des Jahres
Tagesspiegel: Ameisen statt Algorithmen
Allgemeine Zeitung Namibia (pictures only): Vom Konflikt zur Koexistenz


The German name „Fernweh nach Welt“ is not easy to translate, but it’s something like wanderlust for world or longing for world. Most of the articles that you find here are in German, but occasionally there will be some English content.

What is this about?

About the best school of the world: travelling. Travellers expose themselves to new and unusual environments or situations. They meet tons of strangers. This is the start of a learning process. To travel is to get to know new perspectives, about the world and about oneself. And when returning, you see your home from a different point of view.

To travel educates culturally, emotionally and especially personally.

This blog is a platform for stories about travelling. These stories use photos and language to convey smells, sounds and feelings, to transport the reader to another place. And, hopefully, to leave him with a little spark of wanderlust.

Who writes here?

I’m 25 years old and I study journalism. When travelling, I capture my impressions with diary and camera. Writing helps me to reflect my experiences. 2016-03-23 18.04.32

A few years ago, I quit my first studies, bought a backpack and a one-way-ticket to Kathmandu. Somewhere between the rice terraces of Nepal and the dust dry Negev desert in Israel, travelling became my passion.

Now, I’m studying again. Sometimes, I sit in the lecture hall or in my small room and my thoughts wander away from the studies. Then comes the wanderlust. Either I start writing about the past or I make plans for the future, for the next travel. And I’m definitely awaiting the next semester break.